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5 | Xi'an Muslim Quarter

16 - 17 April (Tue - Wed)


So many exotic food choices down Beiyuanmen Alley: Boon Noodles are the local favorite (sold by the meter), but don't miss spicy potatoes, Muslim hamburgers, lamb dumplings, and more - including sweet love.


Yes, an entire journal-entry devoted to food in the Muslim Quarter.

There are many streets but the main street is Beiyuanmen Alley. See first picture.

Pity, I did not get pictures of the Muslim hamburger that I enjoyed on the street, which includes diced lamb, onions and spices in a bread roll, but I did get a picture of the fellow that made it for me. Pity I did not get a picture of the lamb dumplings at the Three Sisters – just to hungry…

I did get a picture of my spicy potatoes, as they were being prepared, and a picture of the guy making them. I worried that it would include some kind a strange potato but no - really tasty.

Noodles are also really famous in Xi'an especially something called Boon Noodles. I watched dough being made into noodles and later watched a guy order a bowl of those noodles - I told the lady that I would have what he was having. I choose yellow noodles, cucumber and some spices. Our terracotta tour guide told us that they sell noodles by the meter - 1 m, 2 m, and 3m and if you want more than 1m you better be really hungry.

Finally, it's not all food. There is also love in the Muslim Quarter. I watched this little boy approach this little girl and give her an I Love You balloon. It was cute...

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