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It's about the Adventure...

Topographic world map showing the path taken on the journey with red dots representing each destination visited.

Each red-dot identifies a city, town or village that was visited during this adventure

Join me as I travel overland from the Pacific Ocean (near Shanghai, China) to the Atlantic Ocean (near Brest, France) through 11 countries over a 2-month period. It is about the adventure but it is also about travelling slowly so that you have time to both engage and reflect.


In this journey, I travelled by high-speed trains across China, Soviet-era trains through Central Asia, and a cargo ship across the Caspian Sea - from Kazakhstan to Azerbaijan. I travelled by public bus through the Caucasus, along the southern coast of the Black Sea in Turkey, and through the Balkans, followed by an overnight ferry from Albania to Italy, and European trains to the Atlantic Ocean.

This website is NOT a Travel Blog - I am not trying to make money from my journey or this website. I am simply sharing my adventure to assist others in understanding how to plan and undertake such a complicated journey. Hopefully my website will inspire others to undertake a slow adventure that supports both a physical and transformational journey.


Scroll down to select a sequential journal entry - there are 32 entries - or click on a destination on the interactive map at the bottom of this page. There is also a menu at the top and bottom of each page that supports navigation.

Safe travels,


Welcome to Slow Flow Adventure

Introduction to Slow Travel

A journey invites discovery: of the world around us, of our engagement with that world and of ourselves. It is this discovery of our world and who we are that creates the adventure we seek. 


Travelling slowly is not essential – there is virtue in speed too – but flowing slowly through space and time can support an understanding of our world and ourselves that is not readily achieved when in a hurry.

Bibi Khanum Mosque and Mausoleum, Samarkand

Samarkand, Uzbekistan

Sequential Journal Entries

Select any journal tile to explore that part of the adventure, or start at the beginning by selecting the first tile and then click 'next' at the end of the journal entry to be taken through all of the journals in sequence.

Brisbane airport
Transparent blue box background

 Brisbane to Shanghai

13 April

Larry at Pacific Ocean
Transparent blue box background

Pacific Ocean, Shanghai, China

14 April

Xi-an night life
Transparent blue box background

Shanghai China to Xi'an China

15 April

Drum Tower Xi-an
Transparent blue box background

Xi'an, China

16-17 April

Xi-an Muslim Quarter
Transparent blue box background

Xi'an Muslim Quarter, China

16-17 April

Train meal tray
Transparent blue box background

Xi'an, China to Urumqi, China by train

18 April

Stunning park in Urumqi
Transparent blue box background

Urumqi, China

19-20 April

Urumqi to Almaty train
Transparent blue box background

Train from Urumqi, China to Almaty, Kazakhstan

21 April

Distant grand mountains
Transparent blue box background

Almaty Backpackers, Kazakhstan

22-25 April

Zenkov Cathedral
Transparent blue box background

Almaty City, Kazakshstan

22-25 April

Roadside chef cooking lunch
Transparent blue box background

Almaty region, Kazakhstan

23-24 April

Two ladies at the organic shops
Transparent blue box background

Organic shops, Almaty, Kazakhstan

23 April

Yasui Mausoleum
Transparent blue box background

Turkistan, Kazakhstan

26 April

Camels in a field in central Kazakhstan
Transparent blue box background

Kazakstan to Samarkan, Uzbekistan train

27 April

Group of children in Samarkand
Transparent blue box background

Samarkand, Uzbekistan (1)

27–30 April

Ancient 7th century fresco at the Afrosiabe Museum
Transparent blue box background

Samarkand, Uzbekistan (2)

27–30 April

Uzbekistan farm
Transparent blue box background

Samarkand to Nukus to Beyneu by train

30 April–2 May

Mother and child
Transparent blue box background

Beyneu to Aktau Kazakhstan
by train

2–3 May

Caspian Sea
Transparent blue box background

Aktau, Kazakhstan

3-6 May

Cargo ship
Transparent blue box background

Aktau Kazakhstan to Alat Azerbaijan by Cargo Ship
6–8 May 

Children dressed in traditional costumes
Transparent blue box

Baku Azerbaijan
9–12 May

Sakhelosno Karaoke Bar, Tbilisi
Transparent blue box

Tbilisi, Georgia

13-17 May

Stunning ladies standing outside Kutaisi Theatre
Transparent blue box

Kutaisi, Georgia

17-18 May

Black Sea Port City
Transparent blue box

Batumi Georgia to Ordu Turkey, (Black Sea)

18-22 May

Sinop Fortress and Harbour
Transparent blue box

Sinop, Turkey

23-25 May

Grand Plaza Ankara selection of spices
Transparent blue box

Ankara to Istanbul

25-29 May

Dadio Bulgario and the Wet-Pebbles at the Delta Blues Bar Sofia
Transparent blue box

Sofia, Bulgaria to Skopje,
Nth Macedonia

30 May–2 June

Musicians at Agricultural Fesitval at Skanderbeg Square
Transparent blue box

 Skopje to 
Tirana and Ancona

3-6 June

Gondola in Venice
Transparent blue box

Ancona to Venice Italy
6-8 June

Conference presentation in Milano
Transparent blue box

Milano Italy 
8-12 June

French Alps
Transparent blue box

Milano Italy to Brest France
13 June

Atlantic Ocean
Transparent blue box

Atlantic Ocean, Brest, France

14 June

Interactive map

Click on a blue pin to explore that particular stop along the journey.

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