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Slow Flow Adventure


If this were a travel blog then this is the webpage where you would be invited to become a blog member so you could be informed of every future update and reminded about all the great travel deals on offer at this site. There are no updates, nor travel bargains, as this website is done - finished. I have moved on to my next project including planning another slow flow adventure.


This is my own personal travel journal about EurAsia that I wish to share with others – and not a travel blog. I am not exposing you to advertisements or seeking members or trying to sell you anything. has no commercial purpose. This website is a hobby that provides me with some satisfaction.


If you have a question or wish to make a comment about anything related to travel, planning to travel, and adventure then please use the Contact Form provided on this page or email me at:


I check my email occasionally and will respond if I can.


I do welcome feedback. Please feel free to send on your comments about my website and this entire project. 

Thanks !


Safe travels,




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