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Brisbane airport


1 | Brisbane Airport to

Shanghai Airport


13 April (Saturday)


Okay, the journey begins …

I said a joyfully-sad goodbye to my spouse, got in the taxi with Graham and then proceeded to explain the purpose of my trip to the airport. Graham could not initially comprehend what I intended – like many of those I’d told over the past six months.

Book the Trans-Siberian and people may think, ‘How nice…’ Say you’re going to follow the Silk Road and some express interest. But tell people that you plan to dip your toes in the Pacific near Shanghai, China, then travel west by land all the way to the Atlantic at Brittany, France, and many appear overwhelmed by the idea.

I have also experienced the joy and the challenge of planning and organising a travel project more ambitious than anything I’d ever undertaken before – although other adventures may have been more challenging at the time because I had fewer resources. It is grand to pursue a magnificent adventure and have the physical, mental, emotional and economic resources to make it possible.

The attached pictures include my plane out of Brisbane, a magnificent sunrise in the air and, cloudy skies welcoming me to China.

World globe with China highlighted in green


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