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It's about the adventure...

A journey invites discovery: of the world around us, of our engagement with that world and of ourselves. It is this discovery of our world and who we are that creates the adventure we seek. 


Travelling slowly is not essential – there is virtue in speed too – but flowing slowly through space and time can support an understanding of our world and ourselves that is not readily achieved when in a hurry. I do fly for business and pleasure often but when I have the choice – when I have the time – I prefer public modes of travel such as trains, buses, ferries and cargo ships. I prefer overland or over-water to air travel because of the rich social engagement it brings. Private transport such as an automobile is just fine, although it offers less contact with our social environment. All these modes can offer a slow-flowing adventure if we are open to exploring our world and ourselves. If this sounds like you then you may benefit from exploring this website further. – the internet platform supporting the travel narratives that follow – promises to introduce the reader to the on-the-ground experience of a complex slow-flowing adventure, which provides each reader with perspective on planning and then managing their own adventure.  


The creator of SlowFlowAdventure has travelled throughout the world for decades but only recently began to document, through pictures and words, the adventures undertaken. The stories that follow include anecdotes of the many people met in the places visited over the course of three adventures:


EurAsia: From the East coast of China to the West coast of France, overland (with 32 completed journal entries, from April to June 2019). Place your cursor on EurAsia at the top and a clickable list of 32 journal entries will appear.


Latin America: Over the Andes Mountains from Santiago Chile to Mendoza Argentina by public bus, then on to Lima Peru and Bogota Colombia by air (with eight journal entries, during March 2019) NOTE: Still under construction.


North Australia: The entire state of Queensland from Brisbane to the tip of Cape York Peninsula, then on to the Torres Strait islands by auto, 4-wheel drive and ferry (with 19 journal entries, from August to September 2020) NOTE: Still under construction.


Ten-thousand pictures were taken during these adventures via a smartphone (Samsung A520F – not a great camera… but good enough), with several thousand pictures saved and stored. From this collection, 10 of my favourite photos are included with each journal entry (1 – 4 pages of text that describe the people and places visited). The writing that accompanies these photos describes each adventure in great detail, as I document my journey week-by-week – and occasionally day-by-day.


Travel narratives presented on a website are actually quite rare. What we find, in great abundance, are travel blogs where travel writers tell their story -- while using their website commercially to make money. SlowFlowAdventure has no plans to travel that path, as this site has no advertisements, seeks none of your funds and offers no membership.

SlowFlowAdventure exists with one simple wish: to share global experiences and relevant pictures with anyone with just one limitation. Please do not use and/or publish these pictures and text without the express written approval of the creator of SlowFlowAdventure (See: Contact), as all material on this site is under copyright protection © 2021.


Finally, SlowFlowAdventure offers an invitation to others to plan, create and conduct their own journeys, which will excite the imagination. I wish you success in planning and undertaking your own slow-flowing adventure.

Safe travels, Larry

Each red-dot identifies a city, town or village that was visited during these adventures

North Queensland Adventure - Aug-Sept 20

North Queensland Adventure
Brisbane Australia to Cape York Peninsula and on to the Torres Strait islands by auto, 4-wheel drive and public ferry

(Aug - Sept 2020).

Latin America Adventure - March 2019.jpg

Latin America Adventure
Santiago Chile to Mendoza Argentina by public bus and then on to Lima Peru and Bogota Colombia by air

(March 2019)

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