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 Slow Flow Adventure 

Slow Flow Adventure began as an idea wrapped in a strategy. Somewhere around 2017 I got the idea that I could and should travel the historic Silk Road, which begins at Xi’an China and ends somewhere in Europe – probably Italy. The old Silk Road is not one single path but many with most paths dipping south into Afghanistan and Iran … not currently a feasible route for this foreigner.


I did not abandon my Silk Road plan but the journey clearly required re-thinking with a new framework or purpose. Eventually, the entire EurAsia continent emerged as a travel-project, as my research uncovered a route – through 11 linked countries (from the East coast of China to the West coast of France) – that are relatively safe for a Western traveller. Convincing family members of the route's relative safety, however, was challenging. Often when planning an ambitious adventure, we must think about, and accommodate, the loved-ones we leave behind – especially a spouse.


For the EurAsia Adventure, such accommodation included a geo-tracking device (Spot Gen 3) that communicates anywhere in the world by linking to the Internet via satellite thus providing communication in any remote location (sophisticated technology at a reasonable price). I also offered to write about my experience and send pictures home regularly. This promise could have been met via email but depending on WIFI to send pictures is awkward. I searched for an app or platform and eventually purchased a lifetime Premium Journey membership from Two App Studio – a photo-friendly journaling app. That was the inception of Slow Flow Adventure.


I road-tested the Journey app, and my Spot tracker, on my three week business/holiday to Latin America in March 2019, which prepared me for my EurAsia adventure the following month.


When I returned home from EurAsia, I examined what I produced and wondered if I might possibly have a book. I contacted an agent at my former literary agency and eventually learned that the travel-photo narrative (book) market has been destroyed by the online travel blog industry.


I have no interest in writing and regularly updating a travel blog, as I am not interested in the commercial aspects of blogging, but I can share what I have created with others via my own online travel journal. This Internet-journey has turned me into an online publisher – an accomplishment that is not easily achieved.


As you know, a website requires a name and if you want to use “.com” then all the meaningful single words are taken (e.g., – taken long gone), as are all the meaningful double-word websites (e.g., – also long gone). Where did that leave me? I had to think carefully and find a set of words that fit the logic of my Internet project. Slow Flow Adventure was born, via brainstorming, when I realised that was both available and for sale. It’s a big world but no one has previously combined those three ideas into a single package. I bought my (first) domain name via Google Domains, as their products are reasonably priced and easy to understand (compared with many other companies selling domain names).


Once purchased, a domain name requires a hosting service – a company that takes the name you own and hosts it on the Internet. I choose because Wix not only hosts the domain name I own, but Wix offers many web tools that make my content (words and pictures) beautiful. Learning to use such tools is not easy but the basics can be mastered rather quickly if you apply yourself.  


Like any project, one never knows where it will lead, but that is the story how Slow Flow Adventure evolved – so far…

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